As I mentioned in the full blog post on Hong Kong, we decided to splurge on a Sunday Funday brunch at the Michelin starred restaurant, Tosca. There were three options to choose from depending on what you wanted to drink: 1)  HK$858 plus 10% service charge per person with free flow of NV Veuve Clicquot Brut, Yellow Label. 2)  HK$998 plus 10% service charge per person with free flow of NV Ruinart Rose. 3)   HK$1,988 plus 10% service charge per person with free flow of Dom Perignon 2006. We chose option 1.

Tosca’s décor reflects and highlights all the beautiful and modern aspects of Hong Kong. The space includes an open dining and buffet area with a beautiful fountain and chandelier. The two story windows surrounding the restaurant offer sweeping views of Hong Kong that we couldn’t get from Victoria Peak. All the staff members were courteous, polite, and helped provide a truly memorable experience. I told them we were celebrating our honeymoon and they put together a dessert sampler plate for us with “Congratulations” written on it. Unfortunately, I accidentally smudged the lettering while trying to take a picture (the champagne may have had a role).

All the food was delicious but Diem really loved the seafood, including the lobster salad and main course lobster tail.  My favorites were the rib-eye prime rib with an unbelievable au jus, the sliders, the roast chicken, and the tiramisu. There were four main sections of the brunch: appetizers, main courses, charcuterie, and desserts. The appetizer section included Catalan lobster claw salad, shrimp, foie gras on toast, mixed salad, roast beef with Parmesan cheese salad, artichokes, anchovy salad, among on other salads and bites. The main courses included rib-eye prime rib, lobster tails, roasted lamb, roasted chicken, sliders, mussels and clams, and sausage. The charcuterie section included a variety of delicious meats and cheeses, including an enormous block of parmigiano reggiano. The desserts included various cakes, cheese, macarons, breads and pastries.

Everything also tasted better with the free flowing Veuve. We tried to pace ourselves and I was able to complete 7 rounds of food during our 3.5+ hours at Tosca detailed below. I really put my new found gluten tolerance to the test but didn’t end up getting sick so I’ll ride this train as long as I can.

Round 1: Catalan lobster claws, shrimp, foie gras on toast, mixed salad, roast beef with Parmesan cheese salad, artichoke.

Round 2: Rib-eye prime rib, Kobe beef slider, sausage, roasted chicken, roasted vegetables, fried cheese.

Round 3: Anchovy salad, prosciutto and melon, roast beef and parmesan salad, swordfish salad, bresaola salad, rainbow trout salad.

Round 4: Sliders, parmesan, burrata, salami, prosciutto, provolone, ham, sausage, chicken

Round 5: chocolate ice cream, cheese cake, tiramisu, macarons, strawberries, chocolate cake

Round 6: Pizza, slider, chicken, prime rib

Round 7: Dessert sampler provided by staff

This is a must do on a Sunday in Hong Kong if you have the budget and love champagne brunches as much as we do. Anthony Bourdain is quoted as saying “I’m constantly asked ‘what’s the greatest food city in the world?’ and no one can say you’re wrong if you say Hong Kong.” We had some amazing meals in Hong Kong but this was the best. Come hungry and try to make reservations as early as possible because they assign tables according to the order of the reservations. We weren’t able to get a window seat because we made reservations last minute.


  • Where: Tosca Restaurant, Ritz Carlton
  • Address: Tosca, 102/F, The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui 2263 2270
  • Website: