I’ll leave most of the food pics and discussion to Diem’s blog, but this meal was so good I had to post some pics. We were greeted with individual envelopes of the menu which had two options: a six-course meal and an eleven-course meal. Each meal also came with the option of a wine pairing or a juice pairing. After some discussion, we decided to do the eleven-course meal and I would split the wine pairing with Diem. Eleven-courses isn’t even accurate, I think it was about 18 since the servers would bring other dishes that the chef was trying out and other mini-courses, including an amazing amuse bouche. This meal, and the Eastern Europe trip in general, is not going to be representative of the type of meals and lodging for the honeymoon. This was way more than I like to spend on a meal but was definitely worth every penny and an amazing experience to share with amazing people.

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Prague, a Blast from the Past

  • Where: La Degustation, Prague, Czech Republic