Wedding Day, Best Day Ever

Wedding Day, Best Day Ever

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Before we could go on our honeymoon, we had the little matter of getting married. Diem has been working tirelessly to put together all the details and we did a lot of DIY things to make the wedding personal for our guests.

Tea Ceremony

The night before we had a Vietnamese Tea Ceremony and the rehearsal dinner. I didn't know much about the tea ceremony tradition but it's essentially a test for the groom and his friends/family to see if he is worthy for the bride and a feast. I walked up to our house where Diem and her family were inside. I was accompanied by my groomsmen and my parents and we all were carrying gifts for Diem and her family. At the door we were met by Diem's bridesmaids who asked my questions about Diem that I had to answer in order to enter the house. If I got a question wrong my groomsmen and I had to suck on a lemon (I won't say if I got a question wrong but the pictures make that clear). Once inside, Diem and I served tea to Diem's parents and grandparents and then to my parents. There was a master of ceremony who conducted the ceremony in both Vietnamese and in English and once ceremony was completed we had a huge dinner for all the guests. Diem's family provided the food which included a huge full roast pig along with other Vietnamese food. Everything was delicious and we were really thankful for all the people who were able to attend. 

Diem&Paul2(resize)The next day was the big day. Of course, the entire day was a bit of a blur leading up to the ceremony. I was running behind getting some final things to the venue and getting the groomsmen together for pics but Diem doesn't need to know that. We had a beautiful San Diego day for the wedding and walking up the aisle with my parents I felt confident and strong. Everything was going great but when Diem was giving her vows, they were so amazing and heartfelt, she started crying and then I started crying and then I blubbered through my vows which didn't compare. After photos and the introduction of the wedding party, the reception began which was another blur. We did take some time though to slow down and take it in. Everything worked out as good, or better, as planned. The venue looked beautiful, the food was delicious, the DJ was awesome, the alcohol was flowing, and people seemed to be having a great time. It's too soon to get all the pictures from the photographer for the tea ceremony and the wedding but our friends sent us some from their cameras which can be seen here: Wedding

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding and it was a great way to start our lives together. The next couple of days, we couldn't really relax and enjoy being married because we had to pack and get everything ready for our honeymoon. It was both stressful and exciting but it all worked out and on the Wednesday after the wedding we were off!

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